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The Sandrock Responsible Drinking Policy

As licence holders we have a social responsibility to retail alcohol sensibly and any member of barstaff serving someone who is drunk can be fined £80 on the spot. It is impossible to lay down strict guidelines about how much you should drink because this depends on your age, weight, sex, state of health and whether you are drinking on an empty stomach or with a meal. Government guidelines are 3 to 4 units per day for men and 2 to 3 for women. You should think of the guidelines per day rather than weekly as saving up your units and binge drinking, say, at the weekend, is a lot worse for your health and can lead to anti-social behaviour and accidents. Consumption of alcohol in moderation has proven health benefits. It reduces the incidence of heart attacks. The blood thinning effect lasts around 24 hrs so the advice is DRINK LITTLE AND OFTEN!! Also, dont forget the invaluable effects that enjoying yourself can have on lightening your stress levels and improving your general well being.

So How Many Units Are in Your Drink?

Wine 12% 125ml glass 1.5 units, 175ml glass 2.1 units, 250ml glass 3 units

Wine 14% 125ml glass 1.75 units, 175ml glass 2.45 units, 250ml 3.5 units

Beer 4% half pint 1.1 units, pint 2.2 units

Beer 5% half pint 1.4 units, pint 2.8 units

Bottled beer 5% 330ml 1.7 units

Spirits 40% 25ml 1 unit, 35ml 1.4 units, 50ml 2 units, 70ml 2.8 units

So What Can We Do To Help You At The Sandrock?

We want you to enjoy yourselves at The Sandrock. It has always been our policy not to sell drinks specifically designed to get you drunk, like snake bite or other such concoctions. We sell quality ales in a variety of strengths from 3.6% to 5%. Our wines range in strength from 11 to 14% and we offer 125ml measures as well as the now standard 175ml and 250ml measures that are now served in most establishments. Our spirits are served in 25ml measures or doubles at 50ml. Please do not ask for a triple as you will be politely refused. We also have a fine range of soft drinks on offer. We also offer an excellent menu of reasonably priced meals with generous portions, so if you fancy an extra drink soak it up with a tasty supper! If you would like any further information on drinking, it's effects, or safe drinking limits set out by the government please click here

And finally. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! If you need a taxi please let us know and we will be happy to furnish you with lots of local cab numbers.

Have fun, Carol and David.