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Themed Food Evenings

Our highly acclaimed Themed Food Evenings are held every six to eight weeks. Themes vary considerably and sometimes feature a "Guest Chef", a regular customer who joins the kitchen team to develop a menu, source ingredients, prepare, cook and serve the feast.

In the past our multi-course feasts have included Moroccan, Indonesian, Far Eastern (Orient Express), Game, Beer with food, Lebanese, Russian, Curry, Fish and chips, Caribbean Seafood (Pirate Night), Medieval English, Great British Classics, Australian Barbecue, Japanese and Malaysian. Future plans include a World War Two evening and a Mafia Night (Southern Italian). Each feast is a gastronomic tasting menu of dishes from the chosen theme and can be up to 10 courses. Our aim is to bring you unusual ingredients and flavours and tempt you to try something a little different. We also love to test our cooking skills with new dishes and exotic ingredients.

We pride ourselves on enhancing the authenticity by decorating the restaurant in the style of the chosen theme and our staff dress up to add to the fun of the evening and the atmosphere. Customers are also invited to dress up if they wish. Printed menus for the evening include information on the theme and the courses and often feature pictures and riddles to solve.

If you have an idea for a theme or are interested in becoming a guest chef, then please email us on with your details or ask at the bar.

Menu Picture