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Knickerbocker Glory Memories

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The knickerbocker glory is a very elaborate ice cream sundae that is served in the United Kingdom. It goes well beyond the banana split, itself a rich dessert. The knickerbocker glory was first described in the 1930s and contains ice cream, jelly, fruit and cream. Layers of these different sweet tastes are alternated in a tall glass and are topped with kinds of syrup, nuts and whipped cream.

Though a British treat, the name "Knickerbocker" is distinctively American and associated with early New York state and city histories. Before they were called New York, the state and city were Nieuw Amsterdam. They were settled by the Dutch in the 1600s and 1700s.

A knickerbocker was a descendant of the original settlers from Holland. The name comes from the fictional Diedrich Knickerbocker, who "wrote" Washington Irving's History of New York. Knickerbockers, or knickers, are also old-time knee-length men's pants that nowadays are seen on the rare golfer. How the name became connected to the sundae is not known.

After asking for all of your Knickerbocker Glory memories we got loads of emails with your memories of this classic British dessert. We would like to thank everyone who has emailed us so far and for all of you who haven't sent your memories in yet please continue, we will be putting them all up on our website either on this page or within the guest book.

After much thought we have decided to give a Knickerbocker Glory to two people so far, Linda Keddle and Gilly Morris. Hopefully they will have some more Knickerbocker Glory memories to share with us soon.

We have included Linda's and Gilly's Knickerbocker Glory memories below, we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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Another Knickerbocker Glory Story

Thank you again for sending in even more stories. We have decided to give away another Knickerbocker Glory to Janet Fearnley who sent in a fantastic email with her knickerbocker glory memories. Please continue to send in your stories as we will be giving away more knickerbocker glory's to the best emails we receive.

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If you would like to send one of your Knickerbocker Glory memories then you can either email it to us at or add it to our guest book, We look forward to reading them soon.